Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Teamwork pt. 2

If you guys already read my last post, you know that teamwork is important. We should be supporting each other, not arguing with each other. Because on any sports team, all it takes is one person that creates problems for the team to lose its chemistry. Or like how Paul put it, we are all one body, so if the toe is a pain to the rest of the body, no matter if it's a big toe or pinky toe, it will be a distraction to the whole body and be an overall hindrance. It would hurt to walk, let alone be active. That's just when something is being a pain; imagine if the body was fighting itself, for example, an autoimmune disease is a disease in which he body's white blood cells attack it. It's a very painful and damaging thing. Is it possible that the church is doing that right now? Think of all the pointless squabbles that some Christians have with others. Those arguments can cause division in the church to the point that it isn't effective anymore. And that's exactly what the enemy wants. He wants us as a church body to be completely ineffective. So be gracious, be kind, and play for the team! There are bigger things at stake than out own personal preferences.

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  1. I just read your two posts on teamwork and they are so true! I've always loved the analogy of Christians being like one body and your parallel with volleyball is great as well. It's too bad that we as Christians often forget this and end up squabbling about our importance to God.